Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bringing up boys

I just finished Bringing up boys by James C. Dobson and found it really good. It is somewhat similar to Children at risk, in that it says that our culture is causing many of the problems our sons are facing.

"... Letting your children have unsupervised access to the Internet is like a greasy man showing up at your front door. He grins and says, "I know you are terrrily busy and tired. How about letting me entertain your son or daughter for a while?" You let him in and he walks straight to the bedroom and closes the door. Who knows what goes on beyond your hearing? That is what you are doing when you place either a personal computer or a television set in your child's room. It is an invitation to disaster." And later he says, "[Parents] don't seem to grasp the idea that God has put them in charge for a very good reason, and it is He who will hold them accountable."

I found this book to be well worth reading and wholeheartedly recommend it.

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