Sunday, August 17, 2008

What's Blooming in My Garden

I have been spending a lot of time in the garden this year. I had only put in a few perennials last year and there were a lot of bare spots, so I have been trying to put in something new every week. It averages out that way because some weeks I put in several (like the time a neighbor gave me quite a few plants) and some weeks none at all. Of course, there's always weeding to do! It's always exciting when I see new buds coming out.

This is my Veronica "Giles van Hees". It really hasn't grown much since I planted it; hopefully it will do better next year.

My daughter, son and I each planted some squash seeds. Something ate mine before the plant got very big, my son's is still there but it didn't get very big, but my daughter's is huge and going strong. The blossoms are rather nice but, unfortunately, only last one day.

The hollyhock is blooming well. My neighbor down the road gave me this among several other plants.

I planted a package of morning glory seeds to try to cover a low cement wall until my honeysuckle gets big enough.

My husband loves (at least the idea of) growing roses. We only have one rose bush so far and it had abundant blooms.

Impatiens bloomed nicely. I put them in to fill in space until I have enough perennials.

This is echinacea. I have two plants: one that I bought and one that my neighbor gave me later.

This is some kind of mum, I guess. I got some from my aunt who was dividing them in her garden and wanted to give them away. They have put out lots of new shoots around the base.

This is a flower in my chives. I have a few herbs mixed in with the flowers.