Sunday, August 15, 2010


By Terri Blackstock
Ella Carmichael has been killed by someone who found her through her social networking site and her sister Krista is determined to find the killer. In her quest to bring changes to the networking site, Krista becomes friends with the CEO of the company. Her attempt to lure the online predator into a trap seems to have no results, but in reality had led her into danger.

This book was hard to put down; the story was captivating and realistic. Predator will certainly help people realize the danger of posting personal information on social networking sites. It also reminds us that while God allows evil, He is still a God of love.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

White Roses

by Shannon Taylor Vannatter
Pastor Grayson Sterling is a widower who loved his wife dearly and is having difficulty moving on with life after her death in a car accident. Adrea Welch is a florist with a standing order for white roses for Grasyon's wife's grave every Valentine's Day—which would have been Adrea's wedding day if she hadn't been jilted two years earlier, coincidentally on the day of Sara Sterling's death. They meet and are immediately attracted to each other. But will they be able to get over the difficulties of their pasts to begin something new together?

This story included romance and a bit of mystery, which I found made it more exciting. The book was very interesting and it was nice to see how the details fit together in the end to answer the unsolved questions. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Christian romance.

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