Sunday, January 10, 2010

2 novels

Distant echoes by Colleen Coble was a great read. It is set in Hawaii and had mystery, romance and a lesson in forgiveness.

I just finished The perfect life : a novel by Robin Lee Hatcher. Katherine has been married for almost 25 years, leads a Bible study group in her home, has two grown and married daughters, both pregnant for their first babies, and her husband runs a charity that provides homes for needy families. Her "perfect life" comes crashing down when a former employee of her husband's accuses him of having an affair with her and of misusing the charity's funds. An audit shows that nothing wrong has happened with the charity's money, but there is no way to prove anything either way about the affair; it's just his word against hers. In the end, Katherine learns to fully trust God rather than her own ability to keep all the balls rolling. I liked this book.

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