Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Long Fatal Love Chase

This book by Louise May Alcott, is very different from her other books that I have read and reminds me of Jane Eyre, but that might be just because of the attempted bigamy. It was written before Little Women, but was only published in 1995; apparently it was too sensational to be published in the author's lifetime. A Long Fatal Love Chase is about about a girl who was tricked into marrying a man she knows very little about, and after a year she learns about some of his background and secrets, and leaves him. He has never allowed anything he wanted to escape and so he chases her all over Europe. The title does give the ending, but I'll let you read it to find out for whom it was fatal.

It wouldn't be considered sensational today, but certainly is, compared to her other books. A great read.

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