Sunday, March 22, 2009

Black by Ted Dekker

I just finished reading Black by Ted Dekker. It was very interesting, but different for me because I'm not used to reading fantasy. In fact, except for the Chronicles of Narnia and Uglies, I don't think I've read any. This book was about a man, Thomas, who was grazed by a bullet and then alternates between two worlds every time he falls asleep or becomes unconscious. In the other world, he learns about a bioweapon that decimates our world a few weeks in the future so he tries to prevent it. I found an error at the end of chapter 36; "He became a mighty warrior who defended the seven forests against the desert Hoards who marched against them." Ack! It should be Hordes! Anyway, I have now requested (from the library) the next book in the series: Red.

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