Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Shepherd's fall

by W. L. Dyson

Bounty hunter Jake Shepherd is part owner of a fugitive recovery business, left to him by his father. The business is not doing well, his marriage has fallen apart, and his teenage daughter is rebelling. Jake has always been confident in his abilities, but when a convict who has threatened to hurt his daughter escapes from prison, Jake can't keep all the balls rolling anymore.

This story was suspenseful and fast-paced, well-written and believable. It goes into the world of crime and drugs without being explicit. I appreciated the way the main character returns to his faith at the end. Recommended.

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  1. Hey Bobble, you and I share a love for books, this one looks really good. I am going to check out a few of your picks. Hope you and your family are well, say hi to your mom for me.

    Love Fran