Sunday, July 26, 2009

Perelandra by C. S. Lewis

I read the first book in C.S. Lewis' space trilogy, Out of the Silent
Planet, several months ago. I had picked it up in a second-hand store
because I had read and loved the Narnia books. Whoa! It was really
different. The story is about a Mr. Ransom who was kidnapped and taken
aboard a spaceship to Mars. On the way, he learns, by overhearing his
captors talking, that they intend to offer him to the inhabitants as a
human sacrifice. Once on Mars, he learns that the inhabitants are
actually friendly; he befriends some of them and learns their language.

I had no intention of reading the rest of the books, but stumbled
across the second book, Perelandra, in the library the other day and
decided to read it. I enjoyed it much more than the first. In this
book, Mr. Ransom is (willingly) sent by angels to Venus (Perelandra)
but he doesn't know why. Upon his arrival, he discovers a garden-of-
eden-like situation. One of his former kidnappers also arrives,
becomes demon-possessed, and tries to tempt the woman to do evil.
Ransom, knowing the Biblical account of the fall on earth, does his
best to convince her what is right and realizes that this is why he
was sent.

I found some of the events were rather long, drawn-out accounts, but I
did enjoy the story.

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