Monday, April 13, 2009

The car

Scott always leaves about 25 minutes before the children and I do to go to prayer meeting on Sunday night.  Last night was no different; he asked me if I had keys (I lost them once and had to "steal" my dad's truck to get to meeting) then left with dad in his truck.

At 6:40, the kids and I got into the car and I turned the key. Nothing. The headlights had been on all afternoon. Oh, no.

I ran next door to see if Mom had already left. She had. So there was no vehicle there that I could borrow. I thought maybe a neighbor could give me a boost, so I phoned my friend Denise next door. No answer. Well, maybe the nice man next door to Dad and Mom's. No answer there either. I went out and tried again to start the car, but there was still nothing. What could I do? I tried phoning the young couple across the street, but they weren't home. Somehow, I just couldn't believe that the Lord wanted us to stay at home that evening.

I went out to the car again and told the kids that they might as well come in because I didn't think we could go to meeting. As we came in again, the phone was ringing. It was Denise. So I told her my problem and she sent her husband over with his truck to boost my car. Out we went again and I realized that the car was not facing the road and I couldn't get it into neutral gear to get it turned around so we wouldn't be able to boost it after all. When he arrived, I explained the situation. He thought a minute and then said, "Well, use our car." We did end up doing that, and got to meeting about 15 minutes late.

End of story, right? Nope. We came in and sat down and my sister looked across at me and mouthed, "Scott's gone to look for you." Aaack! We must have met on the road and not recognized each other in different cars. He ended up going all the way home, finding the doors locked and the car dead. He even ran up to Mom's to see if we were there, then he went back to the meeting and there we were. He sat down and about 30 seconds later, the first preacher finished his sermon and it was Scott's turn. He was just in time. He got up and preached an incredibly similar sermon to the one we had just heard but that he hadn't.

When we got home later on, Dad figured that he could get around with his lawn tractor to boost the car. 

But the tractor's battery was dead.

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